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Licensing my pattern is similar to 'renting' it.

You are permitted to use it under specific terms we set forth in a licensing agreement. As the designer, I remain the owner of the design and retain all copyrights.

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Important: To sell the products you've manufactured using fabric you ordered from Spoonflower or any platforms, you do NOT require a license.

Please take a moment to complete the form below to get things started.
This enables me to provide you with the information you need quickly and effectively.

Licensing Inquiry

Thanks for reaching out! I'll be in touch as quickly as I can.


With a non-exclusive license, you're granted the right to use my design in a single category for a predetermined period.


The design will remain available for others to purchase on platforms like Spoonflower, where it can be printed on fabric, wallpaper, and various items.


Additionally, it may be licensed non-exclusively to other companies.

An exclusive license, on the other hand, ensures that no one else can license this design under the same terms for a mutually agreed duration.


This could be exclusive to a particular product type or a specific geographic region.


As the designer, I reserve the right to use the design for any purposes not covered in the license agreement. For instance, if you hold an exclusive license for using the design on gift wrap, I can still license it for other categories, such as wallpaper, during the licensing period.

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